To be at one with yourself and to know your inner spirit is the most beautiful and profound emotion mankind can experience.

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Mysticism is usually defined in dictionaries and encyclopedias as a spiritual discipline used to make contact with the divine.



Though this definition is in some way correct, it is not set in stone.

Many people have mystical and inner spiritual experiences without any training and in many cases not realising what they were going through at the time.

More to the point many people have followed a set of spiritual mc3practices carefully and for a prolonged period but have never contacted the divine.

A mystical awakening is a personal experience during which one feels as though one has been touched by some higher or greater truth or power.

This may occur inside or outside of a religious setting, within or outside a religious tradition.In some cases, mystical experience is seen as an important component of a religious earthright2tradition because it can offer validation of a tradition’s belief system.



It also can be important in attracting adherents because many people hope to have similar experiences.

However, because the mystical experience is so powerful and has the capacity to provide moral, ethical, intellectual, and emotional direction, it is frequently mistrusted.

Sometimes labeled as work of some corrupting power (i.e. The Devil) to those refusing to believe that evil is within mankind  not an omnipresent deity,  those having mystical experiences have been ostracized or even worse, been the targets of persecution.

To know our true inner spirit and to  manifest it within ourselves is the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend.

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